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IV Therapy

Benefits of Intravenous Therapy
Intravenous therapy is a treatment in which high doses of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, metabolites, co-factors and antioxidants are directly infused into the blood stream. One of the benefits of IV therapy is that its delivery of the micronutrients is 100% because it bypasses the digestive system and goes straight into the bloodstream. Oral supplements cannot provide 100% absorption because the limitations of the digestive process (the stomach and intestines absorb and transport nutrients), therefore this delivery method cannot compare the high concentrations reached with IV therapy. Even if the stomach and the intestines are functioning optimally it’s not possible for the stomach and the intestines to absorb and transport the nutrients quickly to create the highly concentrated gradient needed to force the nutrients into the cell. IV therapy can provide spectacular results in correcting nutritional deficiencies, which in turn improves individuals’ quality of life by enhancing lifestyles by boosting individuals’ intracellular function.
Some of the Benefits of IV therapy (not an all inclusive list):
∞ Preventative Anti-aging measures: optimizes the nutrients within the cells; revitalizing individuals
∞ Stimulates immunity (cold and flus, supports against pathogenic microbes)
∞ Speeds recovery from injuries
∞ Speeds healing from exercise and supports pre/post operations
o Heightens sports performance
∞ Improves recovery and healing from a night out
∞ Boosts cognitive functionality while giving individuals a sense of tranquility by easing tension produced by stress
∞ Elevates mood (provides relief from anxiety and depression)
∞ Boosts Energy
∞ Increases libido
∞ Strengthens Endocrine function (thyroid, adrenal, metabolism)
o Stimulates fat loss, as a result encourages weight loss
o Promotes hormonal balancing
o Stimulates detoxification of environmental and internal toxic by products

IV therapy can treat a broad range of health conditions, which includes, but not limited to:
 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
 Intestinal Malabsorption
o Common causes of intestinal malabsorption
 Celiac Disease
 Irritable bowel Syndrome and/or disease
 Chron’s
 Ulcerative Colitis
 Leaky Gut
 Chronic inflammation
 Chronic Pain
 Autoiumme Conditions, which includes, but not limited to:
o Systemic lupus erythematosus
o Lupus erythematosus
o Psoriasis
o Celiac disease
o Type 1 Diabetes
o Hashimoto’s thyroiditis
 Endocrine Support:
o Thyroid (Hyper/Hypo)
o Adrenal Fatigue/Stress
o Blood sugar dysregulations
o Diabetes
o Balancing Hormones
o Stimulate weight loss and fat loss
 Immune Support:
o Mono
o Influenza (Flu)
o Shingles
o Low Immunity
o Lyme Disease
o Infection
 Enhanced Athletic Performance and recovery
 Chronic Neurological Conditions
 Anti-aging Support
 Heavy Metal Detoxification
 There are Appreciably More (or Significantly more) ways IV therapy can improve health….Just ask!!

The number of
treatments and the overall health of the patient being treated
dictates the success rate of IV nutritional outcomes.